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Understanding why bulk image downloader is embraced

The bulk image downloader is embraced to download instagram photo because it is known to be a powerful program when it comes to batch images downloading. And that denotes that, there is no more right clicks which are tedious, the save as, over and over again. All you need to do is to point the program to the URL that you are interested in and it will be able to locate and go ahead and grab the photos using a few clicks.
The bulk image downloader is known to work on almost anywhere on the website. It can be used on the entire image hosting sites which include imageshack, imagevenue and much more and can as well be able to download a whole album from social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, tweephoto.com, MySpace and much more. You can utilize it on forums, web, and it will automatically be able to scan multi-page threads of the forum, extracting all the links of the images.
The program is known to be quite smart as you will not end up having a folder that is full of thumbnails. The bulk image downloader will detect most of the time and ensure that it downloads photos which are full size only.
Despite its name, the program is known to work with videos as well, and it is able to grab the clips from Instagram, Google video, YouTube, MetaCafe, Daily Motion and much more. The multi-threaded downloading denotes that, you can be able to fetch many images – more than 50 at any instance.
In case the internet connection gets disconnected, then the bulk image downloader can continue the download when it restarts from where it stopped. And in case it doesn’t work well, they a large array of options for configuration will be able to allow you to tweak the program to ensure that it suits your individual needs.