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Things to consider before you bug in during a shft

As a prepper, you might already know how important it might be to have a plan whenever a shft happens. You could easily walk through your bug out plan in your sleep but not most people will be able to do the same when it comes to a bug in plan. Whether you will bug in or bug out when shft, it is all up to you and the way the scenario is playing out, but before you start to make that call, you might require taking a look at what you will be getting yourself into.
The following are some of the things that you will need to consider before you bug in:
If you are among those who like keeping every light in your home on throughout, you might as well go ahead and hang a sign which says, am at home on your roof. And the chances are that, you could be the first one to go in a scenario of a shft. If you decide to bug in, you need to pick a main room which could serve as your hub or headquarter, and then place all your heating, sanitation, and lighting efforts in it. You have to be sure of picking a room which has access from outside that is minimal and which is big enough to be able to accommodate the supplies as well as your family. You will need to have some space to move around especially if you are in with kids.
Water and food
Unless you live in a cabin that is secluded in the woods with a backyard that has a stream, you will require to find out how you will get your water supply. If you stay in a suburb or city where your water source happens to depend on the piping from the city, you will be required to stockpile water in gallon or invest in a good equipment to filter and purify water that is contaminated. When it comes to food, there is a need to stock up on food that is non-perishable like backpack meals, and freeze—dried food.