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Enjoy the Benefits of a Luxurious Montpellier Spa Massage

A restorative massage is among the best ways to treat on your own and unwind. It might minimize stress, boost sleep, improve flow, and provide feelings of overall well-being. At Montpellier Day spa, we provide you with a variety of massage duo montpellier treatments designed to meet your personal requirements. Here is an overview of our restorative massage services and the spa massage duo montpellier rewards they give.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish Therapeutic massage is actually a comforting and calming full body restorative massage which uses lengthy gliding cerebral vascular accidents to relieve muscles pressure and advertise pleasure. This kind of massage therapy will help lessen stress levels, increase blood circulation, and relieve ache from tender muscle tissues or important joints. In addition, it may help relieve signs related to depressive disorders and anxiousness.

Very hot Natural stone Restorative massage

The New Rock Massage is perfect for those searching for a a lot more intense practical experience. Throughout this treatment, easy gemstones are placed on certain regions on your own entire body in order to launch tension in limited muscle tissue and joints. The warmth in the rocks aids unwind the muscles while also enhancing circulation during the entire body. This procedure is great for individuals who are afflicted by constant ache or muscles rigidity due to damage or excessively use.

Aromatherapy Massage

The Aromatherapy Massage blends the healing energy of essential natural oils with standard beneficial massages techniques including kneading, tapping and moving. This particular massage therapy has become identified to help lessen stress levels, improve levels of energy, improve emotional quality, reinforce the defense mechanisms and even deal with skin problems like eczema or psoriasis.


At Montpellier Day spa we be proud of offering good quality therapeutic massage treatment options which can be designed specifically to every single individual client’s needs. Our seasoned staff of practitioners is committed to helping you to obtain maximum pleasure and well-being via our specialised solutions. Whether you are searching for relief from persistent discomfort or perhaps want some time far from daily life to chill out and loosen up – e mail us right now! We look ahead to assisting you to encounter an in-depth feeling of wellness through our spa massages!